How Parcel Pending Delivery Lockers Can Actually Increase Your Bottom Line

August 2nd, 2016


Electronic locker solutions already help thousands of multi-family residential communities manage package delivery and retrieval. Thousands more would like to manage their packages this way, but worry they can’t justify the cost of purchasing and installing the lockers. Running a holistic cost-benefit analysis, one finds that these concerns are clearly misguided. At least that’s the case when the responsibility of managing packages shifts from your management staff to a Parcel Pending digital smart locker.


Parcel Pending Electronic Locker System: How It Works

April 4th, 2016

electronic lockers

How does package delivery currently work in the apartment community or student housing you manage? Are packages signed for by desk staff, only to pile up behind the desk until their intended recipients eventually retrieve them? Do you wish there were a simpler, less hassle-ridden way to handle packages in your apartment? There is!


The Benefits of Converting to an Electronic Package Management Solution

March 1st, 2016


Of all the aches and pains your leasing staff deals with on a regular basis, where does package receipt and distribution rank? How would the members of your staff, currently charged with the task of signing for residents’ packages, answer this question? Even if it’s not near the top of your peeve list, you’d almost certainly find it advantageous to adopt an electronic locker package management solution.