Courier Friendly

We make package delivery easier for courier services. No more waiting to be buzzed in, carrying packages all over a complex or getting complaints about lost packages left on doorsteps. With Parcel Pending, all you need to do is scan the package at our lockers, select a resident and a locker door opens automatically. Simply deposit the package into the locker—It’s a one-stop and drop convenience. For more information or questions, call: 855-316-4756.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate the time searching for hard-to-find apartments or offices
  • Eliminate repeat trips with the same package
  • Efficiently “deliver” a building’s packages in minutes
  • Increase customer satisfaction

4 Simple Steps | How it Works

1 Enter Courier Code
2 Select Resident
3 Select Locker Size
4 Place Package in Locker

For additional questions or to get a courier code, call us at (855) 316-4756