For the first time, consumers are purchasing more of their goods online than in stores. According to a survey by UPS analytics, 51% of all purchases are conducted online. This continual growth increases the pressures of package management by property managers of any facility. Parcel Pending removes the chaos of package management. Combining its 100% Always-On Customer Service®, Parcel Pending assumes all of the customer service responsibilities for package delivery, notification and retrieval, making life easier for everyone.


Take the stress off of your property management team and reduce operational costs by providing residents a convenient, secure, and easy-to-use locker for picking up their package deliveries.


In-store package pickup not only enables customers to collect online orders quickly and efficiently, but also saves sales associates time.


Integrate a locker solution for your office building to make the workplace more agile. Parcel Pending provides your employees a simple way to manage at-work deliveries.


Parcel Pending electronic locker systems give students the flexibility to pick up their packages on campus day or night.

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Brooke Dustin

Assistant Manager,
Harlowe Apartments.

"Parcel Pending has been really great for the community. The install was quick an easy. The residents enjoy 24 hour access to packages vs limited hours with physical concierge. The system is very easy to use and manage. The techs are amazing, answer anything I can think up and are always there to help if ever needed.”